Friendjectory - see your friends on map in real time!


  • iPhone + iPad support
  • Update significant location changes in background (iPhone 4 and iPad only);
  • Automatic notifications about nearby friends even when app is not running;
  • Free instant messages;
  • Lock view on active users (scroll lock);
  • Heading course and accuracy indicator;
  • Basic twitter integration;
  • Invite friends to open Friendjectory even when the app is not running;
  • Several map types;
  • iPhone 4 Retina display support;
  • Web Version (coming soon);


Please contact us with any questions, comments or feature requests via email:


Friendjectory allows you to see where your friends are right now. App uses iPhone's GPS receiver and WiFi / 3G to send and receive friend positions. You can add as many friends as you like and see all of them on the map at once.

You and your friends must be running this app to see location updates in real-time. GPS accuracy depends on GPS receiver and physical location. You can look at friend's GPS accuracy to determine how accurate is the current position (by tapping on friends bubble).

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